Winter Tours & Activities

Multi-activity Tour

Multi-Activity/Outdoor tour I Length: 3-4 hrs I Departure: PM

Minimum: 2 participants I Available: Nov 6 to Apr 30

Is your time in the beautiful Yukon limited but you still want it all? This Multi Activity Tour takes you dog sledding, snowmobiling, tobogganing and snowshoeing all in one day. These popular winter activities will give you a true taste of the Yukon!

After a brief photo op with the dog team, our sled guide will take you mushing on treed winter trails as you ride comfortably on our touring sled. Listen to the quiet panting of the dogs and the soft swish of the sled as you enjoy the landscapes that surround you. When back at the ranch, have some time to cuddle your four-legged friends before you are off on your next activity.

Next, ride in our snow coach pulled by a guide on a snowmobile. Ride onto the lake and towards the island looking for animal tracks along the way. Possible sightings of lynx, snowshoe hare, grouse, ptarmigan and wolf tracks. Stop for photos at the far side of the island and then head back across the lake, making your way through a frosty forest trail back to Sky High Wilderness Ranch.

Go for a guided snowshoe onto Fish Lake and check out the majestic Mount McIntyre which has an elevation of 1489 metres, look for signs of wildlife as you go! Take a look around the lake and you may spot locals ice fishing, or even a dog team or two returning to the Ranch. Plenty of opportunity for pictures before you head back for your next activity.

Last of all, have some fun on our small, safe toboggan hill! If it is your first time sliding down a snow-covered hill then this is a must! Warm-up by the fire with a hot drink and homemade snacks in our Mongolian Yurt.


    • Transportation
    • Ride on snow coach and safety gear (driven by guide)
    • Ride on bench sled pulled by Huskies(driven by guide)
    • Guided snowshoe tour (snowshoes provided)
    • Tobogganing
    • Winter gear if needed
    • Snacks and hot beverages int he cozy Yurt afterwards

Not Included:

    • Gratuity
    • Personal extras

Due to the expeditionary nature of this program, changes to the itinerary are a possibility and are left up to the discretion of the guide. All attempts will be made to complete the trip within the outlined timeline.

As with most of the outdoor active tours, all guest must sign a waiver on arrival to the tour.

All rates per person include GST